Our resume makeovers & job-hunting packages are the best in the business. Penn & Paper’s Job & Resume Services division is powerfully armed with consultants from rigorous backgrounds in human resources, staffing, executive recruitment and job placement.

These resume editors have worked in every industry from law to the arts to finance and tech. Our resume editors scrutinize resumes as they would their own job applicants, and each of them has several years of experience not just "editing resumes" in an abstract space, but actually placing applicants in highly competitive jobs.

We have a 99% consultation satisfaction rate.

Penn & Paper's resume editors and consultants know precisely what to do to freshen up an age-old resume; they can surgically fix a haphazard one, and they know precisely how to get any job applicant from zero to several job interviews. Clients absolutely love connecting with our razor-sharp career gurus! Don't know how to market yourself to the right jobs? We'll show you.

Don’t know how to market yourself to the right jobs? We'll show you.

Our resume editors are especially concerned with how a job seeker has been branded, and whether that job seeker is truly a match for the jobs he or she is seeking. Their expert hands shape your professional brand so that it is neat, clear, and attractive to hiring managers—which they either are themselves, or have been for many years. Do yourself a favor: speak to one of them, or send in your resume now.

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Jenna D.
To whom it may concern, I am pleasantly surprised by this package. I wasn't sure what to expect because I've never used a resume company before. This is great. Please send a Word version.
Ross J.
The way you've resuscitated my resume, pretty much resuscitates my career.
Mariam Q.
Wow. I think it looks great! Thanks a lot for your personal follow-up, I really appreciate it.